Month: July 2015

And God created Terminator Genisys

Genesis. That’ll do it. Terminator 5 would remind audiences that there was a Terminator 3 and 4. If you want to attach some kind of bullshit word to the nth instalment of your long past sell by date franchise, it might as well be Genesis. It’s big and biblical and implies new beginnings, and more importantly more sequels! “You mean… Read more →

Calm and Curious for Fast and Furious

Car’s can’t fly. A line early on in Furious 7 eludes to this concrete truth. The fundamental laws of physics determine the stone cold reality that cars cannot fly. It’s a deeply saddening truth, but real life is like that sometimes. Flying cars have always been a fantasy in mankind’s far flung Jetsons styled future. Luckily we have cinema, where the same… Read more →