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Trumbo – Life is unfair…

Oscar season naturally bring us the inspirational true story about how one person or a small collection of people overcame great hardship and ridicule to achieve a great victory of the human spirit. This year, we’ve already had this with Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies and to a lesser extent Alejandro Inarritu’s The Revenant. Trumbo is another example and has… Read more →

Spectre – Britain’s Got Talent

As is common British civic duty, every couple of years the British people flock to their nearest cinema to watch their favourite super spy sell them a plethora of high quality goods whilst killing legions of bad guys in various scenic locales. How we laugh and cry before returning home to our repressed British lifestyles, where we sleep in completely… Read more →

Macbeth – sound, fury and tragedy

When it comes to Shakespeare, every generation must have their definitive adaptation of the classic core texts. Macbeth is perhaps Shakespeare’s most revered tragedy, a timeless parable about the corruptive influence of power, self delusion and evil incarnate. In today’s climate of wealth disparity, frequent acts of terrorism and the inflation of the personal ego via social media this is… Read more →

The Martian – I still think we should have just left him there…

Sir Ridley Scott is celebrated as a visionary director with films like Alien, Bladerunner and Gladiator under his belt. Over the last ten years, Scott has been extremely busy creating many films of different genres. Whilst these films are impressive in terms of scale and vision, they have been somewhat underwhelming in other dimensions, namely through bad writing, irregular plot holes… Read more →

Calm and Curious for Fast and Furious

Car’s can’t fly. A line early on in Furious 7 eludes to this concrete truth. The fundamental laws of physics determine the stone cold reality that cars cannot fly. It’s a deeply saddening truth, but real life is like that sometimes. Flying cars have always been a fantasy in mankind’s far flung Jetsons styled future. Luckily we have cinema, where the same… Read more →