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COD: Advanced Warfare – Malkovich Mode – The Phair Deuce

The Phair Deuce is a new feature on that seeks to examine only the best parts of video gaming.  You may have missed it. The words ‘Malkovich Mode’ in tiny font in between the Public Match and League Play of the Multiplayer menu of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Even the more hardcore COD player could miss it, but Advanced… Read more →

Interview with Mike Bithell @ EGX2014

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Bithell at EGX2014 about Robin Hood and his new game Volume. The full article has been posted on Left Lion, Nottingham’s stellar alternative culture newspaper which successfully reached its kickstarter target last month! Charlie Phair: We’re joined by Mike Bithell, superstar indie developer. Mike Bithell: I’ll take it!   CP: So we’re here at… Read more →

EGX Expose 2014

For the fourth year running, I somehow managed to bag a press pass to the Eurogamer Expo at London’s Earl’s Court. I would once again be spending two fun filled day queuing for demos of soon to be released games and generally fending off the dizzying marketing forces and pre-order culture that runs rampant in and around the main show floor.… Read more →

Depression Quest

Depression Quest was released earlier in August. I don’t suffer from depression myself, but I know plenty of people that do. A number of friends and my father included. These are my thoughts.   Depression Quest is a game structured upon a simple premise that tackles the very complex subject of mental illness. Depression is an affliction that is responsible the breakdown of… Read more →